mobilization funding

Contractor? Construction Company? Mobilization Funding is the Answer

Mobilization funding gives a sense of relief. All over South Florida there’s new construction, renovations, clean ups, tunneling. All of these require the coordination of contractors, subcontractors, developers, and customers. Meaning, that the funding for a project funnels from the top down, this means extended pay periods. Especially for those further down the list.

Sub-contractors are forced to wait until the project is completed — sometimes up to 120 days. The funding that these contractors require is called Mobilization Funding. Mobilization Funding is a form of working capital that that takes advantage of a guaranteed contract payout. This emboldens a finance company to purchase that future receivable and advance nearly the entirety of the payment up front.

How Does it Work?

How does this play out in real life? A subcontractor approaches AA Bankers requesting funding to make it to the first stage of funding. In the case of extended projects, payments to subcontractors can be broken up into stages. Often, it is making it to this first stage that the subcontractors require our services. Before the first stage of funding is disbursed, the subcontractor has pooled their resources, in the form of staff, materials, and logistics, and has been working on the site for up to 30 days before they ever see a single dollar.

AA Bankers evaluates the deal, sees that the sub-contractor is under contract, and guarantees payment on a day 60 days in the future. Then once the verification and underwriting process matures, AA Bankers purchases that 60-day receivable at a discount, typically in the 1-5% range. That money hits the bank account of the contractor the same or next day. Now the subcontractor has cash to perform the functions of the job. They are assigned to AAB after the 60 days have passed and then the transaction is closed (since AAB purchases those receivables). No interest rates, no excessive complication.

Why use Mobilization Funding?

Having cash in hand during these extended pay periods is advantageous. Because, as a subcontractor, you don’t have to focus all of your resources on a single extended project. With cash liquidity, you can bid on additional, overlapping contracts to grow your business and increase your total yearly volume. Because the nature of the funding is transnational, you can continue to attain this funding for the entirety of a project.

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